Case Studies

spotlight report

Spotlight Report Case StudySpotlight Report has grown to become a well-known entertainment portal in Australia, bringing the latest updates in movies, music, red carpet events and more.

We saw the potential of this website and through an extensive research study of the target audience, in order to deliver an iconic and easy to recognize brand identity for the site followed by a complete redesign of what was back in 2008 a simple blog to a full portal and place for social media exchange, who recently relaunched version 3.0, grabbing the attention of big companies within the entertainment industry, making Spotlight Report one mandatory outlet present in every movie screening, premiere, music festivals , etc in Australia.

In addition, we prepared a full strategy for social media, focusing on the interaction between the site and its audience, positively resulting in more than 3,000 loyal facebook fans and more than 9,000 twitter followers, fantastic figures for a site who doesn’t take the easy way of writing about celebrity gossip like other outlets.


‘gut feeling’ movie

gutfeeling-case-study-imageIt is not new that clients leave the graphic elements for the last minute during big projects, especially when young talents are giving their first steps. That was the case of independent filmmaker David Longo and his team, who approached us, seeking urgent graphic design and concept assistance for their feature film debut, a soft comedy called ‘Gut Feeling’, set to premiere next year.

The concern of the director was notorious, as the topic was not an easy one, and there were no previous concepts or graphic design ideas for the props and logos the film needed before starting to shoot in a week’s time.

Without hesitation, Wanted Design took on the challenge of producing a simple and easy to recognise brand for a humorous pizza company who offers “the best tasting pizza in the world” featured on the film. The results could not be better, including a fun professional looking logo that was placed on pizza boxes, menus and coming soon on the film’s website and merchandise.

The client was so grateful for our quick response that ordered us another design element, a logo for a talk show that briefly appears in the film as well, with the final concept being approved in less than 2 days.

We not only provided graphic design, we also took part of the art direction in our own hands, providing creative strategies, logistic and even helping this young talent to find potential sponsors.